1 hour per day, 5 days per week for an academic year

Online or In-Person

Maths Plus +

Maths Plus+ is a brain training program designed to strengthen the cognitive functions used to excel in mathematics. It improves abilities related to problem solving, logic, critical thinking, and processing speed. The program enhances the ability to quickly understand concepts and unlock mathematical potential.

The Maths Plus+ training program improves more than maths abilities. Scientifically proven programming strengthens cognitive functions responsible for memory, attention, reading, writing, language, time management, organisation, communication and decision making. Regular daily work leads to structural and functional changes in the brain. These changes are permanent and are often described as life-changing.

Program Benefits

The Maths Plus + program utilises The Arrowsmith Program, which improves the capacity to develop skills related to :

How does it work?

The program requires 1 hour per day of online computer based training exercises. Five days per week for an academic year. The program focuses on brain functions that are responsible for higher order reasoning, problem solving and processing abilities. Students who complete this program have been shown to exceed scores achieved by students in a gifted program.

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Program Details

  • The standard Maths Plus+ Program is 164,000 Thai Baht.

Each student requires:

  • Access to a computer
  • An external mouse (Mouse pads or track pads are NOT sufficient.)
  • A numeric keypad (The numbers along the top of a keyboard are not sufficient. A full numeric key pad is required.)
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Google Hangouts or similar communication app

Laptops are sufficient provided they have a built in or external numeric keypad. Larger Screens provide benefit in the visual aspects of the program.

    • At-Home access to the Arrowsmith Maths Plus+ Program.
    • Use of the Symbol Relations cognitive training exercise that improves abilities related to logic, comprehension, processing speed, focus and general understanding.
    • Individual instruction and support from Canadian-certified Arrowsmith instructors. Our instructors are among the very best and have a track record of exceptional success.
    • Progress review and detailed reports from a team of experienced cognitive trainers.
    • Daily instruction, coaching, goal setting, communication and proactive support via the virtual classroom.

Students will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing their program.

Prior to beginning the Maths Plus+ Cognitive Enhancement Program, there are important prerequisite skills that will greatly aid success and accelerate progress in the program.

Counting Skills:

Many of the levels in the Maths Plus program are based on concepts found in a 2 handed analogue clock. The following counting skills are important in ensuring the best possible start to the program.

  • Counting from 1-60
  • Counting from 60-1 (reverse)
  • Counting from 5-60 by 5’s
  • Counting 12-60 by 12’s
  • Participants should have a basic understanding of a 2 handed analogue clock

Counting skills may require daily practice leading up to the start of the program.

Numeric Keypad Touch-typing Skills:

Participants will need to know how to type numbers on the numeric keypad. This is the keypad on the right-hand side of the keyboard, not the numbers along the top. Participants will be using the numeric keypad to enter numbers quickly and accurately, using multiple fingers. Advanced typing skills on the numeric keypad will greatly improve the experience in the program. To improve proficiency at touch typing, daily practice is recommended. Some websites offer free typing programs, be sure to look for websites or apps that have a numeric keypad option.


Enrolment Process

1. Submit Inquiry

The first step in the application process is to submit an Inquiry Form. The Inquiry Form will allow us to start to understand how we can best meet your needs.

2. Wait for Contact

Once the Inquiry Form is completed, our admissions team will contact you to discuss your needs. This may include a video call.

3. Finalise Application

Once we have an understanding of how we can best meet your needs, we’ll send you an Application Form to collect important details. After this you will be ready to start your brain training!

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