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Learn more about the online afterschool program that is bringing the future of education to students today.


Study Plus+ utilises the scientific concept of Neuroplasticity. This is an important concept considered to be at the forefront of the future of education and employment opportunities post studies. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new neural patterns and networks to adapt to an environment. Athletes commonly use Neuroplasticity as part of their regular training regime, to ensure they can perform at their best in high pressure game day situations. 

Study Plus+ as the name suggests, uses the concept of Neuroplasticity, to ensure students can perform at their best in high pressure exam situations, and to be more effective in their overall education studies.

Today, with the help of fMRI’s and other brain scanning tools, we can now see the difference Neuroplasticity makes in the education domain and students performance with their studies. As Neuroscience and Education begin to combine and more schools and educators are becoming aware of the benefits of cognitive training, Study Plus+ is already beginning to meet the needs of the future of education and future employees.

Study Plus+ enables our students to effectively strengthen cognitive functions related to:



Students of today are under tremendous pressure, as they study under a competitive education system. The curriculum content students are expected to learn, and the workload of learning only seems to be increasing.

Study Plus+ allows students to become faster at the skills required for studying and learning, whether it be homework, grasping new concepts and ideas, or reading speed. Study Plus+ students keep up with class teachings, lectures, and conversations more easily. Students can grasp what is read and heard at a much faster pace.

Our students outpace their peers with their ‘rate of learning’. Baseline assessments conducted annually by hundreds of thousands of schools globally, provide measures of an individual student’s potential and progress and are considered to be very reliable. In the schools offering Study Plus+, that have tracked these tests over the last two years, Study Plus+ students consistently score above expectations and have a higher ‘rate of learning’ than their peers.

Study Plus+ Students Report (Grades 6-11)
– 86% of Study Plus+ students able to complete their homework faster.
– 95% of Study Plus+ students able to grasp new math concepts faster and make fewer careless errors.
– 95% of Study Plus+ students faster at completing math problems.
– 81% of Study Plus+ students able to read faster.
– 76% of Study Plus+ students find it easier to take notes.



As students finish their final primary years and enter secondary school they face a wide range of stressors related to increased academic demands.

With the research completed over the last 10 years, we know that a brain is not able to make the right neural connections required for deeper study and learning, when the brain is under stress. Academic related stress can reduce academic achievement, decrease motivation and in more severe cases, the longer term impacts are even more significant. These can include mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, sleep disturbances and substance use.

Students of today, often feel immense pressure to achieve high marks. They worry about their performance in exams and tests, that often account for a large proportion of their overall grade. Students also report that homework is one of their biggest sources of stress in their lives.

Study Plus+ students are able to sit their exams with lower cortisol levels, than their peers. When students have lower cortisol, stress becomes more manageable, and students have better potential to produce their best results in a competitive exam situation. Study Plus+ students report feeling calmer and better able to focus, in addition to recalling and translating their thoughts into written word in a cohesive, orderly manner.

Study Plus+ Students Report (Grades 6-11)
– Study Plus+ students found increases in measure of happiness and well-being.
– Study Plus+ students found decreases in cortisol output (stress hormone).
– Study Plus+ students found increases in measures of efficacy and incremental theory of belief (growth mindset and self-belief).



The expectations and requirements of education and employers for students of today, are very different than for previous generations. Today students’ access to knowledge via search engines and the internet is unparalleled. Due to this, expectations have shifted for students to not only be aware of global issues, but to inquire into global issues and find innovative solutions.

These expectations require strong, robust cognitive critical thinking, abstract thinking, empathy, and curiosity. Students need to be able to reflect on themselves, show self-awareness, and understand where they fit in with the world and where they can make a difference to the world. These elements involve complex cognition, which is not always taught at school despite being expectations of student’s learning.

Study Plus+ does significantly help increase students’ grades, increase memory, and recall and enable students to learn faster and understand concepts more easily. But it is the dramatic improvement of critical thinking, abstract thinking, and empathy, that has Study Plus+ students become the leaders of tomorrow, become innovators, and develop solutions.

Study Plus+ Students Report (Grades 6-11)
– 91% of Study Plus+ students better able to follow verbal instructions.
– 86% of Study Plus+ students more capable of recalling facts, concepts, conversations and formulas.
– 91% of Study Plus+ students more attentive in class, were more self-disciplined and found it easier to focus.
– 76% of Study Plus+ students found it easier to solve multi-step word problems.
– 86% of Study Plus+ students noticed improvements in reading comprehension.
– 76% of Study Plus+ students found it easier to take notes.



Effective study is no longer about spending hours in tuition repeating questions to become familiar with the content. Students of today need to be more effective in their use of time and purpose to place themselves in a strong position for their current education needs, college, and future employers.

Study Plus+ uses the scientific based approach of neuroplasticity, with a particular focus on learning and education. It is providing the future of education and needs of future employees to students today.

Study Plus+ impacts the areas of problem solving, creativity, inquiry, system development, relationships and teamwork, communication and networking, self-awareness, resilience, time management, ethics and becoming citizens of the world. Study Plus+ enables students to outsmart in vital areas of learning and study, and beyond to college and seeking employment.

Study Plus+ Students Report (Grades 6-11)
– 76% of Study Plus+ students were more prepared for college.
– 75% of Study Plus+ students were more capable of organising their thoughts and verbalising them.
– 91% of Study Plus+ students were more observant.
– 81% of Study Plus+ students could make connections between ideas more easily.
– 72% of Study Plus+ students found it easier to write clear and complete thoughts.


Outpace, Outcompete, Outperform and Outsmart with Study Plus+ today!


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"After Study Plus+ with Confident Brains, my son now actively participates in project work and no longer passively follows other students."
Jacinta E.
"The staff are very dedicated and this system really works miraclees."
Shaun M.


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