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Confident Brains Online

Online Brain Training Programs for children, teens, and adults with learning challenges.

About Confident Brains Online

We are very excited to announce that The Arrowsmith Program is now available online through Confident Brains Online.

The Arrowsmith Program strengthens fundamental aspects of learning such as: attention, comprehension, working memory, communication, reasoning, numeracy, social emotional intelligence and wellbeing. The Program has been transformative for individuals with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, processing speed, attention difficulties, and executive function issues.

What is the Arrowsmith Program?

Confident Brains™ utilizes the Arrowsmith Program™, a classroom-based cognitive training program for people with learning challenges. It was established in Canada in 1978 and is based on the application of neuroscientific research. The Arrowsmith Program™ is comprised of a series of cognitive exercises that target and improve specific brain functions related to learning, social abilities, and general understanding.

Who can we help?

Our brain training programs can effectively address problems related to: ​

*Please note that the Arrowsmith Program is not suitable for individuals with severe intellectual delay or Downs Syndrome. It is also not suitable for individuals who have severe emotional or behaviour disorders that would prevent them from participating in sustained cognitive training exercises. Contact us for more information.

Application Process


Submit Inquiry Form

The first step in the application process is to submit an Inquiry Form. The Inquiry Form will allow us to start to understand how we can best meet your needs. ​


Wait for Contact

Once the Inquiry Form is completed, our admissions team will contact you to discuss your needs. This may include a video call.​


Finalize Application

After determining how we can best meet your needs, you will receive any necessary documents to finalise the application and enrolment process.


Submit the form below to register for the Study Plus+ online afterschool program. After submitting the form, a Confident Brains team member will provide you with a payment link to complete the registration process. 

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