Goal setting is an integral part of the unparalleled success that students achieve in an Arrowsmith classroom. Instructors work with students to set daily and weekly goals, as well as new and ambitious life goals. “Make the impossible possible” is a mantra common in our Arrowsmith cognitive training classrooms.  Our instructors continually help students of all ages set and achieve goals that would have not been possible prior to participation in the Arrowsmith Program.

“Helping students achieve the next steps in life is always our goal” explains Robert Lee, a Cognitive Instructor for the Arrowsmith Program at Confident Brains School, Phuket. “For example, if a student has struggled to complete high school, our goal might be to get him or her to the point where they can excel academically and post-secondary education becomes a possibility. We are always envisioning how we can support our students in achieving the next level. Arrowsmith offers the opportunity to make real change and achieve meaningful success”.

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Thank you to our North American colleagues from Eaton Arrowsmith in Canada for their amazing work. Thank you to Trevor for sharing this wonderful success story.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxg-wPJgdBo