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Defeating Dyslexia

Learn more about how we help people overcome their difficulties with dyslexia.

Arrowsmith Program is a series of cognitive training exercises and assessments, able to identify and strengthen 19 different cognitive functions. Rather than teach students curriculum, our students engage in cognitive exercises to strengthen critical areas of the brain related to learning. 


Arrowsmith Program’s proprietary cognitive assessment identifies 19 different cognitive functions related to learning. A specialized cognitive training program is then crafted for that student, based on the results from the assessment showing which cognitive function(s) the student could benefit most from strengthening through targeted cognitive training. 


Everyone can benefit from Arrowsmith Program cognitive training exercises, but they have proven to be particularly effective for students with one or more of the following learning difficulties:


With more than 40 years of proven results and well-researched studies, many notable media outlets and organizations have featured the cognitive exercises utilized in the Study Plus+ program, the work of Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the Arrowsmith Program and Arrowsmith Schools, including:

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