The ultimate solution for students with ADHD

With approximately 2.5% of the world’s population estimated to struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the Arrowsmith Program is helping students all over the world strengthen their brains and overcome their difficulties inside and outside of the classroom.

The Arrowsmith Program tackles ADHD by identifying and strengthening cognitive functions that are weak. The Arrowsmith Program has been utilized and refined over the past 40+ years, and a number of research studies have been conducted, regarding the effectiveness of the cognitive training.


Arrowsmith for ADHD

Upon a student’s enrollment, a proprietary cognitive assessment is used to identify the weak cognitive functions, then a specialized cognitive training program to strengthen those areas is crafted for that individual student.

Arrowsmith’s approach to ADHD and other cognitive difficulties is much different to traditional learning support practices and therapies. Traditional methods try to make it as easy as possible for a student to do a certain task by providing accommodations. The cognitive exercises in the Arrowsmith Program specifically targets weak areas or a student’s brain to address their ADHD difficulties. It is essentially the equivalent to “Fixing the well, and not just the sink.”

How does Arrowsmith help students with ADHD?

Here at Confident Brains, we have used the cognitive exercises in the Arrowsmith Program to help countless of our students who were previously branded as lazy, unable to focus, difficult to manage in class, etc., make life-changing progress as they go through their program. 

We hypothesize that a lot of the symptoms that arise from ADHD are the result of the brain being under so much stress by trying to compensate for weaker brain areas. Once these areas are strengthened (as they are in Arrowsmith), we believe that the brain does not need to try as hard to keep up with simple tasks, and therefore the student is able to stay more composed, relaxed and focused.

In one study, the Arrowsmith Program was shown to reduce stress levels (cortisol) in students, in comparison to their peers. This allowed them to perform better in the classroom and during exams.

Life after Arrowsmith

Our Arrowsmith Program alumni who previously struggled with ADHD are now able to live their life to the fullest. Our school-aged alumni typically see a dramatic increase in classroom performance and behavior. Our adult students report improvements in social abilities and lower stress levels.

Where is the Arrowsmith Program available?

The Arrowsmith Program is available through Confident Brains in a variety of program types, either online, or face-to-face at one of our partner schools across Asia. Get in contact with us to learn more.


ADHD affects a significant part of the world’s population. The Arrowsmith Program helps students with ADHD by identifying and targeting weak areas of a student’s brain. Through strengthening the weak cognitive functions, Arrowsmith students see a wide range of benefits related to their ADHD. The Arrowsmith Program is available online or face-to-face through Confident Brains. Parents and families interested in the Arrowsmith Program for their child may contact or click here.